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If you happen to be looking for a medium-sized pregnancy pillow, then AngQi 55-inch U-shaped maternity pillow may be the right choice for you. This pillow, as you probably guessed from its name, is 55 inches long, so it is a more suitable choice for mid-size beds.

AngQi 55-inch Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, U Shaped Maternity Pillow for Back Pain Relief and Pregnant Women, with Washable Stretch Jersey Cover, Gray


  • Soft and fluffy
  • Adjustable filling
  • Medium size


  • The head section is pretty tall

Aside from that, this pregnancy pillow is 31 inches wide. That is neither too wide or narrow, but paired with the moderate length, the width should allow your bed partner to sleep comfortably. Given that your bed is big enough for this pregnancy pillow, of course.

What stands out the most in the AngQi pregnancy pillow is its soft and fluffy filling. The filling is made from 7D polyester cotton which doesn’t tend to go flat that much. Even if it goes flat, you could unzip the pillow to easily reshuffle the filling or alternatively add some more to even it out.

Aside from that, you could add or remove some filling from the pillow if you wish to make it firmer or softer.

The AngQi full-body pregnancy pillow also features a removable 100% jersey knit cotton cover, so you could easily machine wash it when necessary. To remove the cover, you just need to unzip it from the pillow.

Apart from its advantages, the AngQi full-body u-shaped pillow has some disadvantages as well. Well, what product doesn’t, right?

First of all, it seems that this pillow isn’t hypoallergenic. AngQi doesn’t mention anything about it, so you should probably just assume that it is not. This means that if you are allergic, then you should probably avoid this pillow and go for one that has a hypoallergenic cover.

Secondly, this pillow is quite tall. In particular, it is its head section that could cause a lot of discomfort to your neck. Whether or not it will be convenient for you will depend on your body build. But since mostly shorter people will be using this mid-sized pregnancy pillow, its height will probably play a big role.


If you prefer to sleep on the side, the height of the AngQi pregnancy pillow shouldn’t be a problem for you though. It’s those women who like to sleep on their back who may suffer from the height of the pillow.

In spite of those disadvantages, the AngQi full-body pregnancy pillow is still a great pillow. Overall, it could be the best pregnancy pillow for those women who want to get a mid-size soft maternity pillow. It is just as versatile as the rest of the pregnancy pillows we reviewed, so you could use it even after the pregnancy.