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The ComfySure U-shaped pregnancy pillow is also a large pillow, but it isn’t as huge as the Moon Marine maternity pillow. Maybe that’s actually for the good: if you don’t need a pillow that is as big as the Moon Marine pillow, then something like the ComfySure 66-inch full-body pillow would be a better choice.

ComfySure 66" Pregnancy Full Body Pillow - U Shaped Queen Size Maternity Nursing Cushion Removable White Cover - Back, Neck Hip Support Relief - Firm Plush


  • Large size
  • Firm


  • A bit wide
  • You may dislike its lack of softness
  • No way to readjust the filling

While this pregnancy pillow is a tad shorter than the Moon Marine pillow, it is slightly wider. Whether or not that will be a downside depends on your needs and the bed size. If your bed is narrow, then this pillow probably won’t be leaving much room for your bed partner.

A kind of a double-edged sword is also the firmness of this pillow. It certainly is a great thing in some cases. Firm pillows are much more supportive and don’t allow you to sink in. This would allow you to maintain a comfortable posture a bit easier.

On the other hand, you probably won’t get as much flexibility from this pillow due to its firmness, but it still is a pillow that could be used in a variety of applications besides sleeping.

And besides, not everyone likes or tolerates firm pregnancy pillows that well. No one can really say whether or not a firm pillow will be good for them: some people get a sore back or neck from firm pillows, while other women are the other way around.

When it comes to materials, the filling is made from a hollow polyester fiber material. As for the cover, it is made from soft cotton that could somewhat compensate for the firmness of this pregnancy pillow. As one would expect, the cotton cover of this pregnancy pillow can be unzipped for more convenient washing.

Apart from the debatable comfort of this firm pregnancy pillow and its bulkiness, there is one thing that we should also note. You can’t really add or remove filling from this pregnancy pillow since it doesn’t provide you with any access to its insides.

If you were to try to readjust the filling, you would need to just rip the seams. That would be perfectly fine if you don’t mind doing that, but we feel that most women wouldn’t be okay with that.


So who would ComfySure U-shaped full-body pregnancy pillow be suitable for? First of all, for those who have enough bed space to both fit the pillow and allow some comfort for their bed partner.

Besides, this pregnancy pillow would be a suitable choice for those who prefer to sleep on firmer surfaces. If you don’t really know what kind of a surface would work for you, then the ComfySure pregnancy pillow may not satisfy you.

In the end, if you sure know that a firm pillow is a thing you need, then this pillow could be the best pregnancy pillow for you.