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If you are looking for a truly huge pregnancy pillow, then the Marine Moon full-body pillow will most likely be the best pregnancy pillow for you.

Marine Moon Full Body Pregnancy Pillow/U-shaped Maternity Pillow with Washable Jersey Cover and Adjustable Filling, Jumbo Size 69''


  • Jumbo 69-inch size
  • Includes an additional 1.1 pounds of filling
  • Adjustable filling


  • Pricey
  • Very bulky

From head to feet, this pregnancy pillow is 69 inches long. With such a huge pregnancy pillow, you would be able to sleep in any pose you want. In fact, if you move around in your sleep a lot, then the Marine Moon pregnancy pillow could be a perfect pick for you.

Thanks to the length, you should also be able to support your body in a wide range of other activities as well. Reading and nursing could be much more comfortable with this large pregnancy pillow.

In spite of its jumbo length, the Marine Moon pillow isn’t very wide: it measures only 31 inches in width, which is as much as most of the other pregnancy pillows we examined had. So even though this pillow is huge, it shouldn’t be that inconvenient for your bed partner.

The case of this pregnancy pillow is made from jersey fiber, which imparts a plush soft feel to it. The case can be easily unzipped from the pillow for machine washing.

However, we aren’t sure whether or not this pregnancy pillow is hypoallergenic since Marine Moon doesn’t say a word about it in their product description.

The filling of this pregnancy pillow is made from polyester microfiber, the benefits and disadvantages of which you already know: it is fairly flexible and quiet but isn’t very breathable.

Remarkably, Marine Moon equipped the head and legs of the pillow with zippers, providing access to its filling. If you feel the need, you could easily reduce or increase the amount of filling in the pillow, as well as reshuffle it in case any area goes flat.

Apart from that, Marine Moon includes an additional package of 1.1 pounds of pillow filling, so you could easily increase its firmness if you feel that it is too soft for your liking.

Now, onto the downsides. There are two cons that we see in the Marine Moon pregnancy pillow: it is quite expensive and is also very bulky.

This pregnancy pillow is noticeably more expensive than the other pillows we examined, but we can’t say that this is a surprise for us. The Marine Moon pregnancy pillow is very large and has more material in it.


As for the bulkiness, you really need to have a big and long bed to use this pregnancy pillow comfortably. Sure, you could use it in a smaller bed, but the end of the pillow would probably end up on the floor while you sleep. You certainly don’t want that.

And besides, moving around such a large pregnancy pillow might be uneasy, especially considering that it is going to be used by pregnant women.

But in the end, if you don’t really care about the downsides that we pinpointed in the Marine Moon pregnancy pillow, then it may be the best pregnancy pillow for you.