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Yet another mid-size pregnancy pillow on our reviews! However, this Meiz U-shaped pregnancy full-body pillow may interest you much more than the other pillows we examined. The most interesting feature of this product is its soft velvet cover.

Meiz U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow with Zipper Removable Cover (Gray- Velvet)


  • Mid-size
  • Quite soft
  • Comfy velvet cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Adjustable filling


  • Doesn’t hold its firmness very well
  • The velvet cover is quite hot

This cover is 100% hypoallergenic, so it should be perfectly safe for you if you are allergic. Apart from that, the velvet cover can be easily unzipped and machine washed.

Velvet isn’t as breathable as cotton though, which means that the cover may be a little too hot for your liking. If you sweat a lot or it is hot in your area, you may dislike the velvet case of this pregnancy pillow.

The medium 55-inch length of this full-body pregnancy pillow should also be noted, but it isn’t an outstanding feature since we have already reviewed a couple of pregnancy pillows that have that size.

Still, this pregnancy pillow would be a good choice if you don’t have that much bed space for a pregnancy pillow.

The filling of this pregnancy pillow is made from 7D hollow polyester fiber that is breathable, fluffy, and odorless. It imparts some remarkable softness to this pregnancy pillow, which makes for great comfort when combined with the velvet cover.

The filling of the Meiz U-shaped full-body pregnancy pillow can be adjusted: you just need to unzip the pillow to access the polyester fiber filling. So whether you feel that the pillow is too soft or hard, you will be able to easily adjust the pillow to your liking.


As good as it is, the 7D hollow polyester fiber filling has one major downside: it appears that it doesn’t hold its shape well. Many users complained that the pillow doesn’t retain its fluffiness very well and goes flat in a couple of months.

Does this mean that the Meiz U-shaped full-body pillow is a bad pillow? Certainly not. As we already mentioned, it allows you to access its insides to rearrange, add, or remove its polyester filling, so you could deal with the problem fairly easily.

If you are ready to deal with that small issue, then this pregnancy pillow may be a perfect pick for you!