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PharMeDoc C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is also highly comfortable and supportive, and women preferring to sleep on the side would benefit from such a pillow the most.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover, C Shaped Full Body Pillow - Available in Grey, Blue, Pink, Mint Green


  • Soft cotton cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Strong seaming


  • The filling tends to go flat
  • No way to access the filling

When it comes to materials, PharMeDoc C-shaped pillow is quite similar to the Queen Rose pillow: it has got a soft cotton cover and polyester fiber filling.

The soft cotton cover can be removed and machine washed. Just like the Queen Rose pillow, the cover of this pregnancy pillow is hypoallergenic. It also seems to be pretty durable since PharMeDoc writes that it stays comfy and soft even after over 300 washes.

Speaking of durability, PharMeDoc made their C-shaped pregnancy pillow using double-stitch seams. Issues with seams are quite common in any kind of woven products, so that’s certainly a plus in our book.

In terms of versatility, PharMeDoc C-shaped pregnancy pillow is just as functional as a good U-shaped pillow. You still could use it while reading, nursing, or watching TV.

Like it was in the Queen Rose U-shaped pillow, the filling in the PharMeDoc C-shaped pregnancy pillow tends to go flat.

However, there is a more serious downside to the filling. The thing is that you don’t have any access to the insides of the pillow, so you won’t be able to readjust the filling very easily. One option you would have is shuffling the pillow around so the fiber comes back to its shape.

Or alternatively, you would need to cut the seams open to access the filling. However, you may not need to do that at all, and this issue may not be such a big one for you.


In the end, PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow looks like an excellent pillow. It is soft, durable, and hypoallergenic. Just keep in mind the possible issues with the filling that we mentioned.