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If you happen to favor polyester more than cotton, then this Puredown U-shaped full-body pregnancy pillow could be the right choice for you.

Both the cover and the stuffing of the Puredown pregnancy pillow are made from 100% polyester. A fully polyester cover would have a number of advantages over cotton covers, as well as some downsides.

puredown U Shaped Adjustable Maternity/Pregnancy Full Body Pillow Zippered Cover 32" x 56" Blue


  • Extra-soft
  • Durable
  • Medium size


  • Flattens pretty quickly
  • The polyester is hotter than cotton
  • The filling isn’t adjustable

First of all, polyester is a much more durable material. If you want to get yourself a long-lasting pregnancy pillow, then the Puredown pillow might be the best bet. Polyester is also flexible and resists wrinkling and shrinking very well.

On the other hand, polyester isn’t as good as cotton in hot air conditions. It isn’t as breathable and tends to stick to perspiring skin. But if you happen to get this pillow in winter, then you shouldn’t notice the difference between polyester and cotton.

The polyester cover of this pregnancy pillow can be unzipped for machine washing. In fact, after washing the cover, you will discover another advantage of polyester: it dries much quicker than cotton.

The filling of the Puredown U-shaped full-body pregnancy pillow is also made from polyester. And as we said in our buying guide in the beginning, polyester is quiet and flexible.

So all in all, because polyester is not very breathable, this pregnancy pillow probably won’t be a very good choice for women who tend to sweat. And we already said about warm weather.

When it comes to support, the Puredown U-shaped full-body pillow is kind of a double-edged sword. It is a very soft pregnancy pillow, which on one hand would satisfy those who prefer to sleep on soft surfaces. On the other, the support this pregnancy pillow provides might be lacking.

The thing is that the softness of this pregnancy pillow may compromise the support level it delivers. And that’s an exceptionally important thing during pregnancy. This isn’t a thing that will happen necessarily, but you should be prepared for it.

Another issue you should keep in mind is that the Puredown U-shaped pregnancy pillow tends to get flat pretty quickly. This could be resolved though by adding some more polyester filling to the pillow.

But guess what: you can’t access the filling without cutting this pregnancy pillow open. A zipper would be so handy! But alas, you would need to rip the seams to be able to access the interior filling of this pregnancy pillow.


In spite of those little inconveniences, the Puredown U-shaped pregnancy pillow still is a great pillow. Moreover, it is pretty unique in the sense that it comes with not a cotton but a polyester cover. Polyester is worse than cotton in some aspects but much better in others.

So all in all, if you have been looking for a durable and extra-soft polyester pregnancy pillow, then the Puredown U-shaped full-body pregnancy pillow might be the best pregnancy pillow for you!